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It’s Friday night in the 1990s and I’m standing in the middle of Blockbuster. The choice that I make next will define the weekend. What movie am I renting? I scan the sections Action, Horror, Drama, Comedy, and New Releases.

I walk the aisle, pick up a case, and read the back cover copy. When the movie is right, it speaks to me. I’ll take it home, watch it (sometimes twice), and then forget to return it.

I don’t miss the late fees. But I do miss the experience of going to the video store. If you remember Friday at Blockbuster you know exactly what I mean. If you never got to experience it first hand you’ll just have to take my word, it was glorious. It’s kind of like the way my parents talked about the Disco or diners with poodle skirts.
Video stores are dead. And something has changed me in the age of streaming. I’ll start a movie and stop it halfway through. I’ll scroll through Netflix and then just go to bed. There’s nothing at stake.

I consume films and never give them a second thought. I’m always scrolling to what’s next and what’s new so I can watch it and forget about it. I miss actually watching a movie and having conversations about them.

That’s why we started the podcast. When you watch a new movie you’re trying to make sense of, or a classic movie you love, you want to talk about it with friends. Welcome to the conversation.
This is the place where we talk about films and try to make sense of what does it all mean? It’s not an easy task. In one sense who are we to say what a film actually means? In another sense, what’s more important to talk about than the film’s meaning?

Some podcasts focus on a film’s merits like acting, directing, cinematography, place in history… and other podcasts just love to explore what’s awesome about the movie recounting their favorite scene and moments.

We focus on the meaning. What is the film trying to say? How did it make us feel? What character mattered the most and why?

On this podcast, we focus on the classics and what’s out right now. We rotate between something classic and something current and give every conversation our all.
You’re invited to listen and join the conversation. We have a Facebook group, you can email us, or write a review on Apple Podcasts.

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